Why Your Business Needs A Commercial Building Inspection

Building inspections are necessary when you are purchasing or selling a building. The following information tells what is required for a building inspection.

Building Inspection

Report Contents

The makeup and details pertaining to building reports coincide with the type and size of the property and also the age and condition of the building itself.  The cost of the report depends on the process used by the company or person responsible for preparing the report.  Some building reports have a standard format or use a checklist while some are specially designed with property specifics in mind. Download a form template for a mobile device, and know that the building inspection should include all important information pertaining to the building and the property surrounding it.

Pre-purchase Property Inspection Report

This report is one of several you can have done.  The report gives this exact information; it tells you what you need to know about the condition of the building and property before you purchase it.  For example, if there are any defects in the building – roof leaking, safety hazards, weak walls – these typical problems are addressed before you make your purchase.  The pre-purchase report is very useful to the buyer as it saves them the extra cost of spending for repairs.

Why You Need a Building Inspection

There are three valid reasons to having a building inspection report done before you purchase a building:

  • It tells you in advance of any present issues with the building.
  • If there are any defects in the building the information will allow you to work the property price down lower, ex. you will need that money to make repairs.
  • It will tell you how to get specialist advice about any major issues and how those issues can affect the value of the property as time goes by.

Selecting the Right Property Inspector

It is always best to select a suitably qualified person – a licensed builder, an architect or land surveyor – to give a professional report.  A person trained in this field will have the expertise required and will know what to look for when inspecting the premises.  They will be able to see through any overlays, or cosmetic visage that will make the building appear alright.  These are treatments used to disguise building issues that untrained eyes might overlook.  A professional will also insure the building inspection adheres to the codes and laws specified by the state.

General Information

To insure the veracity of the building inspection, ensure that the consultant inspects all accessible aspects of the property.  This should cover:

The interior and exterior of the building

  • The roof space
  • The space under the floor
  • The exterior of the roof
  • The site itself

Basic reports cover the visual aspects only  and may not determine hidden problems.  If this is a major concern, you may consider enlisting the help of other specialist; ex. Pest inspectors, water supply authorities, etc.

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