How 3 NYC Brands Are Supercharging Their Online Presence To Attract More Leads

Often is the holy grail for a lot of business owners, but incredibly difficult to achieve…

Figuring out how to boost blog traffic.

There are plenty of tutorials on the web that can teach you how to increase traffic to your blog.

Today, we’re going to focus on three New York City businesses, and show you how they are supercharging their brands online.

How To Boost Online Presence

Here are five actionable ways to boost your online presence.

1. Use more video

In this video, notice that there was no text at all except for the release date for the iPad, shown at the very end.

The video focuses purely on the experience of using an iPad while listening to fun music, and we all loved it immediately.

Your blog needs to incorporate videos too.

When you do it, make it fun and focus on the experience you bring to your customers and fans.


2. Build an emotional connection to readers

First, take a strong stand.

You can include facts within sentences to support your view, but do not write a dry list of your arguments that gets too fact-heavy because it sounds like you’re trying to be too objective.

No one wants to be friends with Google; they want a personality they can relate to.

Keep objective perspectives in your reports and white papers only.

Your opinionated blog pieces shouldn’t distance and confuse the reader with information overloads.

Keep in mind that a strong emotional connection happens when your blog is humanized, and displaying author headshots from for all of the writers can help make that happen.


3. Engage your audience where they already hang out


Don’t think that your website is the only way you can interact with customers (and potential customers).

Find out where your prospects congregate, and participate in conversations with them.

Facebook is a great way to help people express their passions and interests, and your Facebook page can help foster a lot of these conversations.

Take a look at how Dumbo restaurant Westville is boosting engagement on their Facebook brand page to increase awareness of their individual locations:



4. Create a quiz


One key method of boosting engagement with your brand is to create a quiz.

Quizzes are fun to take for a lot of people, and can be a great way to increase leads, by gating the results of the quiz with an email opt-in.

Check out this quiz from Servco, a professional cleaning service in New York City.



5. Don’t copy and paste

If you do, you’ll get penalties from Google that will stop your website from showing up in search-engine results.

Plus, people will see that you lack originality, and it makes you look like a cheap marketer who can’t come up with your own ideas.

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